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Welcome to Sacred Heart College, Apapa-Lagos. It is a two-arm co-educational College with a clear vision to provide high quality education with discipline and development of the mind to cope with the challenges of our society. Sacred Heart College is known for comportment, moral uprightness, and purposeful pursuit of academic excellence.

To make available to our young generation qualitative education that is holistic in nature. To inculcate moral and religious values. To promote physical, emotional and psychological development of the child. Our mission is to prepare student for BECE and WAEC Examination

To turn out mature young men and women who would be leaders in our country. To produce graduates who have the acquired competencies necessary for self-reliance in our contemporary society.


It is my pleasure to introduce Sacred Heart College, Apapa, to parents and students who may be considering a different type of education in a conducive environment. The school has built for itself a high ...Readmore


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      Please Note that:
[1] MIDTERM BREAK FOR ALL:18th Feb(after sch) to return on Sunday 22 Feb,2015.
[2] SSS 3 MOCK EXAMINATION begins on the 2nd of March,2015.
[3] 2ND TERM EXAMINATION begins on the 12th March,2015.
[4] P.T.A Meeting comes up on the 7th of March,2015 and Open day starts immediately after the meeting.
[5] LENTEN RETREAT comes up on the 25th March,2015.
[6] VACATION is on the 26th March, 2015.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in all our events.
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